Stock Market News Today: Bulls Lift Stocks Higher Following Inflation Report

inflation report today
inflation report today

Federal officials said the rescue of SVB and Signature Bank depositors will eventually be paid for by higher deposit insurance fees from covered banks. There’s also concern that banks will have to offer customers better deposit terms to limit outflows with short-term Treasury yields still above 4%. But the failure of three banks in recent days has stoked concern about broader financial-sector stress.

What is December inflation data?

The newly calibrated Consumer Price Index shows that prices rose 0.1% on a seasonally adjusted basis in December from November versus a previously estimated decline of 0.1%. Every year, the BLS recalculates seasonal adjustment factors for CPI going back five years.

Banks are struggling as higher interest rates knock down the value of their investments, while contending with worries that skittish customers could try to withdraw their money en masse to cause a run. The economy was the top issue for many voters going into the election, and many pundits expected that to hurt Democratic candidates. Wessel asked Wolfers and Edelberg whether they believed that the better-than-expected results for Democrats confounded those predictions, which Wolfers argued were just over-simplified. “Yes, we’ve got high inflation,” he said, “but a whole lot of the rest of the economy is doing a whole heck of a lot better even than we’ve done in the last 50 years or than we’ve done in recent history. “People don’t just care about levels, people care about trajectory. And I think that there’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about where things are headed,” she said.

CPI Inflation Rate Is Still Hot, But The Fed May Pause; S&P 500 Bounces

Figures are calculated using a ‘basket’ of goods and services and the estimated value is compared to the same month in the previous year. The last column, “Ave,” shows the average inflation rate for each year using CPI data, which was 8.0% in 2022. They are published by the BLS but are rarely discussed in news media, taking a back seat to a calendar year’s actual rate of inflation. Since figures below are 12-month periods, look to the December column to find inflation rates by calendar year. The chart and table below display annual US inflation rates for calendar years from 2000 and 2013 to 2023. (For prior years, see historical inflation rates.) If you would like to calculate accumulated rates between two different dates, use the US Inflation Calculator.

inflation report today

Gas prices are advertised at over eight dollars a gallon at a gas station, Oct. 6, 2022, in Los Angeles. “We still see healthy increases in hiring month to month. It’s not too hot and not too cold,” he said. “Fifty basis points is still a historically large increase, and we still have some ways to go,” Powell said last month.

According to the commander in chief, he bears no responsibility for the past 26 months. Learn about the mission, structure, and role of our organization, both regionally and nationally. Meet the individuals leading our mission, including the president and executive leadership team, advisory council members, and the boards of directors of each Cleveland Fed branch. Learn economic basics, dive into inflation, and get educational resources and games for yourself or to share with others. The Cleveland Fed offers numerous resources to promote economic opportunity for residents across our region. We publish research and analyses to keep audiences informed of economic trends in our region and nationwide.

Historical Data

Because of my economic plan, the United States is in a stronger position than any major economy to take on this challenge. And my policies—that Democrats delivered—directly tackles price pressures we saw in today’s report, like health care. The Inflation Reduction Act will also lower families’ energy costs in the months ahead. In a bid to curb price rises currencies news and headlines the Federal Reserve has met inflation with a series of interest rate hikes to cool the economy. These efforts do appear to have brought down inflation but have also placed a strangle hold on the economy and worried markets. After battling against inflation for much of 2022 the monthly CPI report has become a key bell-weather of economic confidence.

Stocks close lower Friday after hot inflation report; major averages log worst week in 2023 – CNBC

Stocks close lower Friday after hot inflation report; major averages log worst week in 2023.

Posted: Sat, 25 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Inflation is a topic of perennial interest because it influences the behavior and plans of consumers, businesses, financial markets, pension funds, governments—in essence, everyone in an economy. Unfortunately, inflation tends to be difficult to predict accurately. But some recent research finds that forecasts of inflation in the future can be improved by having more accurate estimates of near-term inflation, or nowcasts. These nowcasts serve as an important jumping-off point for thinking about where inflation will be in the future.

Eggs and other wholesale prices decline, PPI shows, and hint at easing inflation

Only one other president, George H.W. Bush, saw the price of eggs up at this point in his presidency, but his PIR was still much lower, at 12 percent. The Cleveland Fed is part of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States. With offices in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh, we serve an area that comprises Ohio, western Pennsylvania, eastern Kentucky, and the northern panhandle of West Virginia. The goal of our work is to strengthen the economic performance of the nation and our region. The paper uses a single series on food inflation in constructing both CPI and PCE inflation estimates.

What is the expected CPI number?

  • Latest Release. Mar 14, 2023.
  • Actual. 6.0%
  • Forecast. 6.0%
  • Previous. 6.4%

The Federal Reserve imposed a string of aggressive rate hikes last year that aim to slow price increases by cooling the economy and choking off demand. The approach, however, risks tipping the U.S. into a recession and putting millions out of work. Today’s report shows some progress in the fight against higher prices, even as we have more work to do. Inflation over the last three months has averaged 2%, at an annualized rate. The headline figure for January was the smallest 12-month increase since the period ended October 2021, while the core annual reading was the smallest since December 2021.

Shares on the London exchange jumped after US inflation dropped from 8.2% in September to 7.7% in October, with the FTSE 100 rising 1% and the FTSE 250 gaining 3.9%. Technically, inflation has come down — going from a 40-year high of 9 percent down to 6 percent. That is roughly a third, but wages aren’t keeping up, and people are certainly not breathing easier. But Biden keeps trying to sell his economic policies as successful to an increasingly skeptical public. On Tuesday, he tried to sugarcoat the 6 percent Consumer Price Index number in a White House statement without mentioning the actual number. In this document, we very quickly go through the key elements of the model used to compute the inflation nowcasts, focusing more on practical implementation than technical details.

Claimant Count Change

The annual inflation rate in the US slowed only slightly to 6.4% in January of 2023 from 6.5% in December, less than market forecasts of 6.2%. A slowdown was seen in food prices (10.1% vs 10.4%) while the cost of used cars and trucks continued to decline (-11.6% vs -8.8%). In contrast, the cost of shelter increased faster (7.9% vs 7.5%) as well as energy (8.7% vs 7.3%), with gasoline prices rising 1.5%, reversing from a 1.5% decline in December. On the other hand, both fuel oil (27.7% vs 41.5%) and electricity prices slowed (11.9% vs 14.3%). Compared to December, CPI rose 0.5%, the most in three months, mostly due to the higher cost of shelter, food, gasoline, and natural gas. The annual inflation rate in the US likely reached 6% in February of 2023, slowing for an eighth straight month and marking the lowest level since September of 2021.

Series data for motor fuel, so it was estimated and removed from the data prior to seasonal adjustment. For example, the estimated standard error of the 1-month percent change is 0.03 percent for the U.S. The index for lodging away from home increased 2.3 percent in February.

Stock Market News Today: Bulls Lift Stocks Higher Following Inflation Report – TipRanks

Stock Market News Today: Bulls Lift Stocks Higher Following Inflation Report.

Posted: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 20:03:45 GMT [source]

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Thursday that in October annual inflation as measured by the consumer prices index fell to 7.7% – the lowest since January, when it was 7.5%. This is the largest increase of any of the past seven presidents, and four of them were 30 percent or more lower. But when it comes to the economy, and, in particular, inflation, Biden can’t run away from reality.

The household’s earners must have been employed for at least 37 weeks during the previous 12 months. The hospital services index and the prescription drugs index were unchanged in February. Physicians’ services continued to decline, falling 0.5 percent after declining 0.1 percent in January. The fuel oil index fell 7.9 percent over the month, following a 1.2-percent decline in January. Value from Last Month 6.41% Change from Last Month -5.84% Value from 1 Year Ago 7.87% Change from 1 Year Ago -23.32% Frequency Monthly Unit Percent Adjustment N/A Upgrade Notes Year over year change of unadjusted all items. US Inflation Rate is at 6.04%, compared to 6.41% last month and 7.87% last year.

Pandemic-era food stamps ending for nearly 30 million Americans

Core inflation, which strips out food and energy prices, is seen edging down to 5.5% from 5.6%, also the lowest since late 2021. Compared to January, the CPI likely rose at a softer 0.4%, following a prior 0.5% gain, while the core index grew by 0.4% for a third straight month. The report is expected to show gasoline prices were up nearly 1% on the month, and further upward pressure came from the cost of used cars, shelter, and airfares. Still, inflation is set to remain three times above the Fed’s target of 2%.

That followed a figure of 7.1% in November and represented a considerable fall on the peak of 9.1% recorded in June. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. Are particularly sensitive to rising interest rates because of the models investing professionals use to value them.

What is the inflation rate forecast?

Global inflation is forecast to rise from 4.7 percent in 2021 to 8.8 percent in 2022 but to decline to 6.5 percent in 2023 and to 4.1 percent by 2024.

Despite banking system concerns, the February CPI number will likely pressure the Fed to continue to raise interest rates at its upcoming meeting on March 21-22. Rising PCE is a bad sign for interest rates and the economy as a whole. This is the lowest rate of annual CPI inflation since October 2021. Similarly, Japan’s Nikkei and Topix indices ended the day down 2.19% and 2.67%, respectively, dragged down by financial stocks.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting family expenditure data in 1917 and published its first price indexes for select cities in 1919. In 1921, the BLS published a national consumer price index , including estimates of the CPI back to 1913. The data and methods starting in 1913 are considered generally compatible through the present day; however, the Minneapolis Fed maintains a separate historical table that includes estimates prior to 1913.

  • The monthly percentage change in the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers in the United States was 0.4 percent in December 2022 compared to the previous month.
  • The Consumer Price Index is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services.
  • Per the BLS, prices for the goods and services used to calculate the CPI are collected in 75 urban areas throughout the country and from about 23,000 retail and service establishments.
  • Mr. Duggan is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and resides in Biloxi, Mississippi.
  • Following the inflation data, bets are largely falling on it sticking with an increase of 0.25 points later this month, according to data from CME Group.
  • The food index jumped 0.8% over the month while the energy index fell 2.1%.

“If retail sales also show strength tomorrow, the Fed may have to increase their funds rate target to 5.5% in order to tame inflation.” The rise in housing prices is keeping a floor under inflation, though those numbers are widely expected to decelerate later in the year. In recent days, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has talked about “disinflationary” forces at play, but January’s numbers show the central bank probably still has work to do. Analysis seasonal adjustment, including selected food and beverage items, motor fuels and vehicles. Escalation agreements because seasonally adjusted series are revised annually. The unadjusted data are of primary interest to consumers concerned about the prices they actually pay.

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inflation report today

Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get the latest research, expert interviews, and upcoming events from the Cleveland Fed. This change is methodologically more consistent with how the PCE price index is constructed, and it would have been great to include it in the paper. But unfortunately, a long real-time history of this particular series is not available. Meanwhile, rent increases have sent mortgage rates higher and slowed the construction of new homes. President Joe Biden responded to the CPI report in a statement Thursday, saying it “shows some progress in the fight against higher prices, even as we have more work to do.”

What is the inflation rate in Europe?

Inflation Rate in European Union averaged 2.28 percent from 2000 until 2023, reaching an all time high of 11.50 percent in October of 2022 and a record low of -0.60 percent in January of 2015.