Mint Review 2023 Pricing, Features, Complaints

To sign up for a Mint account, click the orange Sign Up button in the top-right corner of your web browser. It also keeps you informed of any fees you’re being charged and helps you see how your investments are being allocated. All I wanted was to enter a transaction that was older than 90 days. So far I have logged in 14 times, emptied my browser history, restarted my computer 4 times, and started a chat for help 4 times that kicks u out after 20 min. It’s been 2 hours and all they do is blame your computer, browser, ect.

Find the Right Financial App

When I saw commercials about Mint Mobile I paid the remaining bill of the phones so I could leave. Sometimes my coverage is a little spotty, but despite that I’m very happy with the service. Not only is Mint free to use, but Mint’s Find Savings feature can help you to either earn more money on your savings or pay less in interest and fees to investment brokerages or lenders. The savings that you achieve by taking advantage of their recommendations can add up to many thousands of dollars over several years. There are a few Mint alternatives that you might want to consider if you don’t think Mint will do everything you need. One of their big competitors is a budgeting tool called You Need a Budget – it’s not free but it provides a great budgeting framework that helps you get on track in a way that Mint doesn’t.

The Final Verdict: Is Mint Worth It?

Once I nailed down my financial plan and budget, I took a long look at my investments. After establishing my career and paying off my student loans, I didn’t need to live as frugally. I moved beyond budgeting to looking at other financial factors too, such as how to start investing, whether to contribute to a TFSA or RRSP and buying a house. Awful customer service, you cannot speak to a person and you feel as thought they are playing a game by given you the runaround. Mint will make some investing recommendations if you’d like. If you’re interested in more in-depth investment tracking, consider using Empower, instead.

This app is intended as part of Intuit’s overall financial suite of products, so expect to find them pushed quite a bit. Mint by Intuit is one of the most popular free personal finance apps among a wide array of such apps on the market. It lets you link all your accounts and can perform such tasks as reminding you when a bill should be paid. This app, which Intuit bought in 2009, boasts a wide range of features, with even more available for a fee.

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Mint does try to notify its customers of any issues regarding syncing quickly. There’s an entire section of their website dedicated to “Known Issues” with many of them regarding connectivity to various banks and financial institutions. Over time, Mint will recognize and automatically place transactions into the correct categories, but there are times when you will need to manually move them yourself.

Mint is a largely fee-free budgeting app that offers various tools to help you plan and track your spending, negotiate bills and even monitor your credit. It seems pertinent to mention that Equifax (used by both Credit Karma and Mint) doesn’t have a stellar reputation as of late. In September 2017, the company announced a data breach, after additional investigation, potentially affects 147 million people. That is about half the adult population of the entire United States. If you’ve ever applied for any kind of credit card, financial account, or personal finance app, it might already be too late. Mint is a free personal finance app that makes it easy to manage and save money.

So you can get your whole family on the service, but you won’t get any special discounts or benefits when you do. Some carriers (like US Mobile, Twigby, and Good2Go) try to out-Mint Mint by offering discounts for the first three or six months. If you choose a non-unlimited Mint Mobile plan, you still don’t need to worry about overages. You get as many high-speed GBs of data as you pay for, and after that, your data speeds get slowed down to a 3G connection until the next pay period. The Mint app is currently available on your web browser, as well as on iOS and Android devices.

It has really helped me see where every penny of my income is going. I did try mint, but they suck and never have shown me my credit card payments correctly. (In the app it says I owe over 6 grand this month which is the total debts for all my CC’s). I put a ticket in with them like forever ago and just the other day they emailed me and said they were working on my issue. So, I started looking for other apps after that initial credit card thing and decided to try YNAB since I’d heard so much about it. Mint also lets family plans mix and match data allotments.

You can play around with the slider to see how different amounts will affect pay off. On the side, it’ll also tally up your total income and spending. So you can see how much of your budget you’ve used overall. Do you collect both Aeroplan and AIR MILES but you’re not sure which one is better?

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