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Stoic AI Review 2023: Is It a Legit Bot for Trading?.

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People leave 7K bikes unlocked outside the local micro brewery. I bought my house here in 2002 and it didn’t come with a key for the front door, I still don’t have one. Hopefully this post doesn’t alert the criminal world that all of interior BC is rife for the taking.

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We’ve have some long term rentals that those go with. You send customers out with completely insufficient “dinky locks” that you know are going to be defeated by thieves. Meth heads don’t know or care how to pick locks. I have a 120 lb malamute that sleeps next to my bikes in the garage. Keep an eye on the prize if possible, even if your bikes are locked up.


2) Armor up soft entry points—a deadbolt on any outer door is good, but you should also reinforce that door jamb to make a brute force attack difficult. This can be as simple as swapping out the stock strike plate and deadbolt screws—typically only 2.5cm—for 7.5cm screws to get a deeper bite, or investing $20 USD into a lock and door reinforcing plate. 3) Paint over or use privacy frost on any windows so you’re not advertising what’s inside. Better yet, place a $50 USD grate on the inside with one-way bolts, which can’t be unscrewed without a tap. Basically, think like a thief, and create counters for these and any other potential entry points. 4) Get a permanent ground anchor like the ones below and run at least a decent cable—something thicker than 10mm—through your bikes and secure that to your ground anchor with a high-security U-lock.

I have had it for 16 years and it has seen all the attempts and the chain and lock system is still winning. It was really nice to get thru this article without seeing a bunch of judgy commentary about WHY someone would steal a bike. It’s exhausting to see it constantly going on in my local bike trader fb group. Idgaf why someone stole a bike, cause it’s none of my fuckin business.

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Read an interesting article recently saying that if you have a ‘One Life Live It’ decal on your van/truck/car you are up to 60% more likely to be an absolute twat. Nothing related to bike theft but thought it would flag this. When I was travelling around with my bikes a lot, a big concern for me was that anyone walking around with a few allen keys could easily walk away with thousands of dollars worth of components in seconds.

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In a somewhat https://forex-reviews.org/y area, use a 10mm or heavier hardened chain with a high-security U-lock. 5) If you’re living in a really sketchy area, use U-locks, etc to secure each bike’s rear wheel and frame a la the bike rack style. Your go-to for securing your bike outside unattended should be a short, thick U-lock or a chain lock with at least 10mm links—that chain size, while heavy, is something you can still carry relatively easily. Plus, the locks on these kinds of U-locks and chain locks are difficult—but not impossible—to pick, pretty much eliminating your garden variety thief.


We don’t carry locks but we park the bikes in the easiest gear, then whale on the upshift trigger, if anyone tries to jump on the bikes and ride off they’ll get a bunch of crunch, just increases your reaction time. When you get back to the bike just thumb paddle back to the easiest gear and ride away….. First, the place most people store their bike—the garage—is pretty vulnerable. Particularly if you live in a “secure” building with a “secure” bicycle cage—even the ones with video surveillance. Many of those kinds of buildings forbid bikes in your unit—usually citing fire codes. That’s to protect the building owner against liability.

You have to be in the garage to get to the manual override or have a connected door opener. ” If you put a small tracker on the bike that might help too, and some sort of ID hidden in the bike, like a piece of paper saying your name the bike and that it is yours.” Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I built a shed in the backyard (to the tune of some $1500) to store anything that I don’t want people to see when the drive by the house. I had an issue with rental car coverage through insurance where I thought I had it but lost it due to a change at renewal. When you renew your insurance make sure to confirm that there haven’t been any changes to your bike insurance.

Someone has created an fbs broker reviews pretending to be me. The agent replied asking me to send verification IDs – no thanks! Shouldn’t they had done that in the first place with whoever opened the account. It’s been a joyride for my personal experiences for the past 3 years of using this broker, and it never disappoint me. The building society sent me a letter, stating the balance on my account. I was surprised by the amount stated, but on the basis of that, I sent a message, clearly stating that my request was based on that amount.

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“I’ve known people who’ve had an unsecured bike ripped off the back of their truck at a stoplight in Seattle and in Santa Cruz.” It would have been cool if that Ankeny Bike Room had doors that automatically locked and trapped the criminals in. There are some decent options out there for security alarms that I think would be a pretty good deterrent if installed in the garage. If you put a small tracker on the bike that might help too, and some sort of ID hidden in the bike, like a piece of paper saying your name the bike and that it is yours.

It is THE worst place in your home to store your bikes, thieves stake out trailheads and follow you home to come back later and snag it. No locks on your door or bikes are going to stop them. Your bikes deserve better than the dingy garage anyway. But you’re still missing the point while succumbing to your media induced rage of the big bad orange man… He has literally nothing to do with bike theft and bike locks and you fools bringing him up only proves how spun up you are. Try to stay with reality here, Patriotism and Trump aren’t relevant to bicycle security.

It’s gotta be hard moving through life with Trump invading every aspect of your existence. If you’re gonna feel bad for someone, feel bad for yourself. But, again, and I know this is hard to get through your angry little fantasy world ruled by the big bad orange man… None of that has a single thing to do with bike security so your incessant need to discuss only shows how unhinged you are. There’s video proof of Trump making exactly the same gestures mocking a number of non disabled people, both before and after he supposedly targeted the disabled journalist…


I must say I am quite satisfied with the platform. In the UK they would likely steal your dog as well. Worth more than high end bikes now and they are getting stolen just as much. Put inside a van that isn’t covered in stickers. And when you lock it up at home in your garage make sure no one followed you back and don’t see you unloading it.

  • There are some lock barels which he cant pick easily….
  • And yes, of course I know which journalist you’re taking about because you leftist clowns have been desperately crying about it ever since your media overlords told you to be outraged.
  • How All I provided ltc address become invalid address??
  • We supply every bike with a lock and then tell the customer “Don’t lock it up on the DC waterfront, because it’ll be gone in a couple minutes.” We even put it on their rental contract.
  • Research overwhelmingly shows that treating addicts is much more effective at fighting the problem than punishing them.

The benefit of keeping them in the garage is they can be secured to a concrete anchor. The four images that will make or break recovering your bike in the event of a theft, as well as offer proof positive of ownership for insurance. Scam-Rescue is a website whose purpose is to provide direct access to reliable businesses in the the field of funds recovery and investment brokers. The information on this website is not directed at residents of any country, where such distribution is against local laws or regulation.