Chris Redd, Punch Line Philly, Philadelphia, May 11 2023

We chat about reporting on 9/11, fatherhood, the dream of gen x, user generated content, interviewing Muhammed Ali, the privatization of America, Trump, early 2000s NY, and more reasons to dislike Jared Leto. Whitmer Thomas is a comedian and musician from Alabama currently living in Los Angeles. His HBO special “The Golden One” is out now, and highly recommended. We chat about growing up in the south, his musical influences, skating, Tik Tok haters, some YouTube impressions, and the bittersweet experience releasing his first special right before covid hit.

One-on-one pod today, Chris zooms in straight from the Balenciaga show and TJ is still sweating out the mollywater from his successful festival DJ set. Julia Hobbs is a fashion editor from London. We chat about Chris seeing the guy from Alkaline Trio at the gym, a simmering cauldron, do we give Lizzo a pass? London is a great driving town, Julia loves Oxnard, CA, Majorcan hotel buffets, what to wear in Ibiza, hiring a car vs. renting one, killing bugs with your Top Shop shoes, where we’ll take her out in LA, when a car sounds like a horse, famous musicians from Cornwall, who she’s wearing for today’s recording, kick-flair pants are trending, what to do about a feral cat, a troublesome whippet, calling people “matey,” Julia loves mayonnaise and other sauces, and everything you wanted to know about the 1997 Tom Ford for Gucci G-String. Sophie Allison aka Soccer Mommy is a musician from Nashville. Her newest record Sometimes, Never is out now.

We chat about Jake Paul, green cards, Monocle Magazine, the rise of tennis in quarantine, the spectrum of professional sports, tennis hotties, gear, revenue streams for magazines in 2020, SoulCycle, and Caitlin guesses what racquets we play with. A one on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about polo shirts, the Clubhouse app, non alcoholic beverages, inheritance, Jason’s blank mind, a recent trip to Erewhon, The Sopranos, Peloton, and TSA pre-check. Chris and Jason chat about masks, #Ruthkanda and our celebrity death virtue signaling, CB’s Drake merch haul, parking lot bootcamp, and we call Chris’ entertainment lawyer Mike McKoy to get an official breakdown of Kanye’s record deal drama, and the future of the making money in music. This week Chris and Jason chat about our spreader date at Hollywood hotspot Delilah featuring a breakdown of their clientele, menu, and user journey.

Gert Jonkers is the editor of Fantastic Man, and co-founder of The Gentlewoman, and Butt. We chat about hitting the premiere for FX’s The Bear, new Beyoncë dropped, pagan rituals in The Netherlands, Americans are loud, how we all think an EIC should be dressing, in defense of tank tops, its okay that LA is so casual, the lifespan of a magazine cover, not diluting the brand, his journalistic rules for interviewing someone, we’re fine with media training as long as its great, sync talk but for magazines, Gert loves politics but doesn’t watch tv shows, and podcasting, just like magazine making, looks a lot easier than it is. Smiley is a rapper from Toronto, currently living in Los Angeles. Scout Willis is a musician from Los Angeles and the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. We chat about housemade smoothies, some US Open predictions, Strokes show scene report, Scout is zooming in from a yacht in Greece, following the Matthew McConaughey gospel, abusing the Erewhon app, Chris’ concept of abundance, a drug-free vision quest, working with a pleasure coach, her boyfriend is a saint, what instruments we play in the band called “life,” growing up with a bunch of famous sisters, getting blacked out drunk at Chateau Marmont as a child, why she had to stop smoking weed, and what its like not to drink water for four days.

He’s allegedly still “close” with the remaining SNL cast. Redd and Evangeline’s relationship started within the past year but there’s no bad blood between Redd and Thompson, TMZ reported. According to the outlet, there was “no overlap or cheating” when they entered the relationship as Thompson and Evangeline had been intending to divorce and living separate lives since 2019. Comedians and actors Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd met on the set of Saturday Night Live. Chris, best known for his stand-up comedy and films like Fat Camp and Scare Me, joined the sketch comedy powerhouse in September 2017. Kenan, who rose to fame on Nickelodeon with his shows All That and Kenan & Kel, booked SNL in 2003 and became the longest-running cast member in 2022.

Who Is Chris Redd’s Girlfriend Christina and Was He Fired From ‘SNL’ For Dating Kenan Thompson’s Ex-Wife?

Chris and Christina’s dating news shocked and enraged many SNL fans. Additionally, other users claimed Chris’s relationship resulted in his getting “fired” from SNL. However, that changed when TMZ discovered who the comedian was dating in 2022. According to the outlet, Chris is dating Kenan’s estranged wife, Christina Evangeline. Sources close to the new couple told the outlet that Redd, 37, and Evangeline, 33, became official with the past year and that there was no cheating or overlap in the relationships. In fact, the “Kenan & Kel” alum, 44, and Evangeline reportedly have been living separate lives since 2019.

Redd will develop his material, the more complex musical numbers specifically, in the off-season . “Bottom of Your Face” is a sexy, flirty song in which Redd, in character as a rapper alongside castmates Kenan Thompson and Pete Davidson, implores some young women to take off their COVID-19 infection-preventing masks so they can get a look at their entire visages. They refuse, what with the pandemic and all.

Hua Hsu is a writer from New York, and his great new memoir Stay True is out soon. We chat with him about TJ’s juice cleanse, tricking off in Greece, what feels more Republican than a yard sign? One-on-one episode recorded live and uncut from Atlanta, GA. We talk about getting some weather, sipping Casamigos at the beautiful Hotel Clermont, a run-in with some local bar flys, lil’ gunplay, Chris went to an NFL game, but why bury the lede, we went to see Joe Rogan live. Fat Tony is one of the most legendary and hedonistic DJs of all time, working with Prince, Madonna, and millions more, besties with Kate Moss, and has been an LGBTQ advocate for decades. His new memoir comes out in the states next week, full of some of the more insane stories we’ve ever heard.

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He’s the cohost of Yeah, But Still, a show with some of the most odd and interesting guests in podcasting today. We chat about our new merch, the current state of stand up comedy, adjusting to Brandon’s new life as a full-time podcaster, the existential awakening of his late 20’s, managing success, and the evolution of Brandon’s fits. Julia Bainbridge Is an editor, host of the podcast The Lonely Hour, and writer of Good Drinks, a book of alcohol-free recipes.

After Kenan Thompson Split From Wife, She’s Reportedly Dating His Former SNL Co-Star

Saturday Night Live’s Chris Redd gets a little wound up talking about the violence plaguing the city he calls home, and about his message to the youth. Former “Saturday Night Live” star Chris Redd was rushed to a hospital Wednesday night in NYC after being sucker-punched outside the Comedy Cellar. In recent alleged text exchanges between West and Davidson, posted to Instagram by Davidson’s longtime friend and comedian Dave Sirus, Davidson stated that he was the driving force behind “SNL’s” decision to avoid jokes aimed at West. The 37-year-old comedian has done well thus far.

‘SNL’ Star Chris Redd

Alex is one half of Powerful Truth Angels, a podcast he does with Matty Matheson. He’s also one half of the clothing brand Born X Raised, and he’s born and raised in Los Angeles. We chat about finding shrimp in the cereal box, large boats getting stuck, Ray Jay’s headphone company, old TJ stories, trade show life, graff life, raver jeans, the fine art career of Alec Monopoly, how we manage our sobriety, the scourge of creative directors, how Alex met his first emo person, TJ being cheap, and our life partners telling us we need new clothes. One on one pod today, Chris and Jason chat about baby back maniacs, the ease of drinking Cacti in public, what the Raw Organic rolling tray says about you, trouble in Orange County, Kid Cudi’s strappy florals for spring, Tiger’s all-new 2021 Genesis, Weezer creeping back into our lives again, a Palm Spring scene report, Chris not being around normal people in awhile, our plans to fix SNL, TJ’s hangover cures, Bloody Marys going too far, TJ dunking basketballs, different types of facials, and we finally find a pair of Golden Goose sneakers that we can both agree on. One on one pod today Chris and Jason chat about our Mother’s Day activities, Chris’ inability to chill, the majority of the episode is Jason talking about how his knee has been healed miraculously by a bodywork expert named Ricky, Chris’s SNL viewing party the night before where Azalea Banks made vegan kimchi quesadillas, Elon on SNL, Jason making monochromatic cupcakes for an orange themed dinner party, NYC deli sandwiches, and the beauty of crowdsourcing advice from our beautiful listeners.